Awesome Extensions: Selector

Credit for extending Selector goes entirely to Andyy Hope (@AndyyHope) who posted this article on Medium:

He looks at the problem of Swift selector syntax being somewhat unwieldy, and turns it into

[code language=”plain”]fileprivate extension Selector {
static let buttonTapped =


Thanks to fileprivate, you don’t get namespacing conflicts.

Awesome. So I head over to an application where I’m using selectors, add my file extension and update my addObserver implementation to …

NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: .saveContent, name: NSNotification.Name("SaveNeeded"), object: nil)

That’s much better, but name: NSNotification.Name(“SaveNeeded”) is still pretty damn unwieldy.

And thus, I have now added

[code language=”plain”]struct NotificationString {
static let saveNeeded = NSNotification.Name(“SaveNeeded”)


to my project as well, which leaves me with

NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: .saveContent, name: NotificationString.saveNeeded, object: nil)

which is much more readable, and easier to type. It also means that I keep track of all notification names in one place where I can annotate them without cluttering up my core classes.