Blog Update: macOS Sierra

I have finally made the switch to using Sierra as my main OS, so from this point onwards, all code will be linked to the macOS 10.12 SDK.

Of the three options – supporting legacy software, and risking that advice does not work on the current system, keeping two (or more) versions of code updated in parallel, or updating everything to the current system on a rolling schedule – I am choosing the third. I am not saying that it is the best – in an ideal world, I’d archive older versions (in case people who support legacy systems or who cannot upgrade because their computers will not run the latest software need information), but in that same ideal world I’d have someone else help me with the tedious parts of creating a new project, following the instructions, and making notes on any differences.

I first worked out CollectionViews on 10.10. The code I worked out for my blog post continues to run in the app built on 10.10; the same instructions – the same connections in IB (I checked them. Did I ever check them. Did I ever check and double-check and triple-check them) – do NOT work on 10.11.

So, with the move to 10.12, I have All The Fun of going through everything I’ve posted this year so far, and updating it to say that yes, it will work on Sierra, or finding an alternative option for Sierra.

Or rather, I have six months until Apple reveals the next operating system…