Learn Core Data in 50 Easy Steps!

Find out how at #iOSCon on 31/3 in London…

As the title ever-so-gently suggests, CoreData is a complex framework, offering many pitfalls for the wary and unwary alike, and which cannot be learnt in an afternoon. I’ll explore a strategy to break the task of ‘learning CoreData’ into managable chunks, based on the principle that you will be moving between Observation (tutorials, videos, example code), Research (documentation, making sure you understand every line in the code you’re using) and Experimentation (writing your own examples, playing with the settings).

After the talk, I will put up the slides – I do not expect anyone to remember them – and once SkillsMatter puts up the video on their site, I will update this post to include the link.

(SkillsMatter is a London venue which offers space to meetups and conferences; you have to register on the site to watch the videos, but it’s free, spam-free, and legitimate.)